The Matrix II Suspension System has been engineered and fine-tuned in Australia to suit the compliance and travel requirements for extreme offroad adventure demands, whilst still maintaining the range of adjustability (the adjustable control) for highway driving comfort. The rear shocks have a wide range of adjustment to ensure comfort with empty or light loads and control with heavy loads as required.

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  • Designed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • The Matrix II Suspension System is built to surpass Euro 4 and ADR (Australian Design Regulations).
  • Mono tube design, high pressure gas shock absorber with an internal floating piston and chamber on the front shock along with a remote gas chamber on the rear shock for maximum travel and optimum dampening control.
  • Cold wound, oil tempered, powder coated front springs made from SAE9252 steel ensures high integral yield strength and consistent ride height.
  • The front shock “twin lock” design ensures that the spring itself remains completely seated on its spring platform to its desired pre-loaded setting, while the adjustable lower foot adjusts the front ride height. This guarantees that the suspension system retains maximum suspension travel at any ride height.
  • 32 valve setting adjustments for fine dampening adjustability giving you personalised comfort and control.
  • Specific, high viscosity 5wt synthetic damper oil ensures high efficiency of the shock absorber action, along with the high-pressure gas eliminating foaming, ensuring sustained control.
  • High quality internal components and double shaft seals used for extended durability.
  • High quality seamless carbon steel tubes used, along with high quality high tensile 20mm steel shaft with fine chromium finish. All components finished with top quality anti-corrosion coatings providing unsurpassed looks and durability.
  • Factory mounting bushes/plates for easy installation.
  • Stealth dark finish to eliminate drawing unwanted attention! Performance is in the ride, not in the look…
  • Heavy duty, double reinforced rubber bushes.
  • Height adjustment from standard to three and half inch.
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Full range of spare parts available.
  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • 10 years of testing and development.

Kits are available for Toyota Hilux & Ford Ranger models currently, with more makes to be released soon…


  • 20mm steel shaft with fine micro chromium finish;
  • 44mm custom design piston;
  • Threaded body front strut for infinite height adjustment;
  • High quality, double shaft seals;
  • Cold wound, oil tempered coils;
  • 5wt high viscosity synthetic oil used;
  • 32 “clicks” adjustment settings;
  • High quality seamless carbon steel tubes;
  • Built to surpass Euro 4 and ADR;
  • High pressure gas charged to eliminate “foaming and cavitating” of the oil.


  • HILUX – Front shock open length of 570-600mm (30mm adjustable)
  • HILUX – Front shock closed length of 400-430mm (30mm adjustable)
  • HILUX – Rear shock open length of 645mm
  • HILUX – Rear shock closed length of 415mm
  • RANGER – Front shock open length of 565-595mm (30mm adjustable)
  • RANGER – Front shock closed length of 395-425mm (30mm adjustable)
  • RANGER – Rear shock open length of 640mm
  • RANGER – Rear shock closed length of 410mm


  • 2 x Fully assembled front struts, including top hat, coil & struts;
  • 2 x Adjusting spanners;
  • 2 x Dampening adjustable rear shocks