RE-KON Front Strut

This is our flagship product, it is what our reputation has been built on, as a long travel, unrivaled performance strut without comprising comfort and driveability. The threaded body gives you unlimited adjustability of ride height with the swing of a spanner.


  • Threaded Body
  • 18mm hardened hi-speed chrome shaft
  • Custom piston/valve shim construction with hi and low speed compression/rebound dampening internally controlled thast varies with shock shaft speed
  • Twin tube nitrogen gas charged with hi-spec custom anti-foaming low friction oils
  • NBR triple lip seals
  • 2.5mm wall thick tube
  • C-spanners included

RE-KON Rear Shocks

A custom designed rear shock with a longer open length to suit more lift. Fully re-buildable and comes with 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty.